The land of beaches and mountains

Bukha, a wilayat in the Musandam Governorate, is located on the west coast of the Ras Al Jabal area overlooking the Sea of Oman. The wilayat is surrounded by mountains, a factor which has affected people’s activities and forced them to work in the sea. The climate of the wilayat is characterised by high temperature and humidity during summer whereas rainy weather conditions prevail in winter as it is in other parts of the Gulf region.

One of the prominent landmarks in the wilayat is Bukha fort, which was built during the reign of Imam Saif bin Sultan al Yaraibi in 1641.
The most amazing feature of the fort is the tower in the southwestern corner of the castle. There are many other castles in Bukha, including Al Balda, Al Qala and Al Ras.
Tourists visiting the wilayat are enticed by its beautiful coast noted for its clean beaches.
Recreational parks with civic amenities like bathrooms have been set up on these beaches. Divers and swimmers can also pursue their passion in the pure and clear waters here.
Among many landmarks, the prominent one is Sultan Qaboos Mosque. The mosque has many facilities that include a main prayer hall with a capacity to accommodate 1,088 worshippers, a room for imams, a prayer room for women, a library, a maintenance office, an administration office, four classrooms and a guard’s room.
The mosque is considered as an additional accomplishment in a series of development projects implemented in the wilayat.
With the rapid growth of population, the need to increase water resources became essential. And so, a water desalination plant was set in the wilayat with a capacity of 2,000m2 daily. The Public Authority for Electricity and Water aims to distribute water to all the villages in the wilayat.
Bukha has several natural features and potential that can make it a tourist’s favourite destination.
In this regard, the wilayat has attracted the government’s attention, which tirelessly has developed the area. The wilayat enjoys many services and infrastructure facilities like schools, roads, government offices and health centres.
One of the main projects implemented in the wilayat is Musandam power plant. It has a vital role in backing up various industries.