What labourers need is respect, appreciation

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Labourers, or in others words, employees are the ones behind every single milestone or success of any organisation. Thus, they are the backbone of any organisation and their employers depend on them for achieving their objectives. Of course, employees are an asset to any business. If they are well-invested, then the returns will be reflected in their performance. Treat people as you want to be treated. Once employees are justly treated and sufficiently paid, they will contribute to the business. But in many cases, employees are not properly rewarded for their hard work and dedication.
Despite their sacrifice of time and effort, they are sometimes not fairly paid. It’s unfair and unacceptable, indeed. Sometimes they aren’t even respected as human beings, so how can they be expected to give their best to the organisation?
Although there are standards and regulations set to identify rights and obligations of employees, they cannot be fully implemented. The local authorities have also issued certain rules and procedures to protect employees and ensure they get what they deserve.
When it comes to protecting employees’ rights, it’s not only on the financial front. What they need is respect and appreciation.
Unfortunately, it’s not always ensured that employees get respect or appreciation for what they produce or achieve. Respect is the “ultimate requirement” for one’s dignity, not money. What employees require is respect and value for their work. They need to feel they are real assets to their employers.
That is the significance of Labour Day which falls on May 1 every year and celebrated worldwide. The day is an opportunity for all employers to recognise the efforts of their employees. It marks the occasion that values their hard work and devotion.
It’s a day for rewarding employees even if their records are having no achievements. Dedicating their time and effort for 8 to 10 hours a day and over 40 hours a week is by itself an achievement. In return, they deserve a token of appreciation for their commitment.
Perhaps, celebrating the Labour Day by having a day off or a special celebration where employees get together could be the reward.
Celebrating the day is more like saying ‘thank you’ to all employees all over the world. It’s their day to be appreciated, thanked and rewarded. Whatever the award is, they need to feel the appreciation and pride of their employers. I believe every one of us would love to be appreciated, and our work praised and valued by others.
Regardless of what everyone of us do, it’s the right that each one of us is asking for. Unfortunately, some people think the Labour Day is a day for the blue collar men working in low-paid professions. That’s totally untrue.
As a matter of fact, all those working on handcrafts or in less-privileged professions are even more honoured and should be highly appreciated than the others.
“The Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, was asked what type of earning was best, and he replied: “A man’s work with his hands and every lawful business transaction.”
That’s why people should not devalue others no matter who they are or what they do. We are all labourers, but every one of us is good in his/her own area of business.

— aljahdhami22@gmail.com