Labour camps with 500 workers to have resident doctor

Muscat: All labor camps in the capital housing 500 and above workers will be required to appoint a resident physician at the camp alongside a medical clinic, the Muscat Municipality said on Sunday.

According to a decision by the civic body, if the number of employees staying at a labor camp is more than 100, then the company will be required to provide a First Aid center with qualified nurses on duty.

The decision said that the First Aid center should have at least two staff who are trained in the first aid and handling of the medical devices and delivering medicines to the patients.

It shall maintain a register to record the cases of patients who have either suffered occupational injuries or are residents of the camp.

They should notify such cases to the competent medical authority and other agencies.

The Omani Labour Law, too, states that the employer will provide medical facilities for his workers in the establishment, and if the number of his workers in one place or one town exceeds 100, the employer shall employ a qualified nurse to carry out the first aid.

The employer shall also designate a doctor to visit the workers and treat them in a place that is equipped for this purpose and shall give the workers the necessary medicines for their treatment which shall be free of charge.

“If the number of workers exceeds 500, the employer shall provide his workers the assistance of specialist doctors or surgical operations or the like, as well as the necessary medicines, all of which shall be free of charge with the exception of the costs of dental, ophthalmic and maternity treatment”, states the labour law.

If the worker is treated in a government or private hospital, the employer shall incur the cost of treatment, medicine and in-patient care at the hospital without prejudice.