Labour camps hurdle for tackling covid-19 spread: MoH

Muscat: The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday said that the possibility of getting an infection is higher if the physical distance between two individuals is less than 2 meters.

It said the high number of cases reported in recent days is also because of the increasing number of Covid-19 examinations at the rate of around 2,000 tests per day compared to around 1000 to 1,500 tests a day.

Additionally, high cases have been also due to the gathering of expatriate bachelor workers (labour camps)  in places that are not suitable for social distancing.

In response to a question on whether Covid-19 is more dangerous for people with blood and other chronic diseases, the ministry said the virus is dangerous for everyone without exception and especially those with chronic diseases or on immune-weakening drugs and the elderly.

On queries based on the relationship between Covid and any particular blood groups, MOH said there is no firm scientific evidence, however, it is noted that infected people are mostly from Blood Group A and those with blood group O is the lowest. It added that this conclusion is based on observations and not on a broad scientific study.