Kuwait celebrates two gold in billiards

On Tuesday, Kuwait team was celebrating the achievement of two gold — the winning of GCC Men’s 9 Ball Team and earlier in the week the victory in the GCC Men’s 8 Ball Team (December 1, 2019).
In the 9 Ball event held on Monday and Tuesday, Kuwait won the gold and Qatar was in the second place winning the silver with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates receiving the bronze. Bahrain and Oman were in the fifth and sixth places respectively.
The scores in the best of five frames GCC Men’s Snooker Single, on its second day, 10 am matches were: Jalal Hashmani (Oman) Vs Ahmed Abble (Kuwait) 1-3, Habib Subah (Bahrain) Vs Mohanna al Obaidli (Qatar) 3-1, Mohammed Shehab (UAE) Vs Ahmed al Asiri (KSA) 3-1, Abdul Rehman Shamsi (UAE) Vs Abdullah Kandari (Kuwait) 3-2, Omar al Busaidi (Oman) Vs Ahmed Saif (Qatar) 0-3, Omar al Ajlani (KSA) Vs Sadiq Abdul Ghani (Bahrain) 3-2.
In the 4 pm session the scores were Mohanna al Obaidli (Qatar) Vs Ahmed Abble (Qatar) 3-1, Mohammed Shehab (UAE) Vs Jalal Hashmani (Oman) 3-1, Habib Subah (Bahrain) Vs Ahmed al Asiri (KSA) 3-0, Ahmed Saif (Qatar) Vs Abdullah Kandari (Kuwait) 3-0, Omar al Ajlani (KSA) Vs Abdul Rehman Shamsi (UAE) 3-2, Omar al Busaidi (Oman) Vs Sadiq Abdul Ghani (Bahrain) 0-3.
On Wednesday, the players will go through one more session at 10 am and then head for the semifinals with best of 7 frames at 4 pm.
The finals for the Snooker Single will be held on December 5, 2019 at 11 am.