Know your husband


I am calling all wives, in this whole world, to gather around because today I am in the mood of giving them the tricks of actually knowing their husbands.
Most wives do not know much about their husbands although the facts are actually within their fingertips.  When husbands are in contact with their wives, they say much more than they do with just their words. It is not about what they are saying exactly, but how they feel when they are saying it. Husbands find it difficult to talk about their feelings, which is why they often communicate their emotions through body language instead. Therefore, it is crucial for any wife to acquire the skills of understanding the body language.
Today we will concentrate on your husband’s sitting posture. His usual sitting posture can reveal a lot about his feelings and thus his personality. If this is clear to you, you will get to know the underlying meaning to what he is saying, and accordingly know how to relate to him.
Husbands who communicate with a reclining posture are very confident and can even be selfish. These have no trouble being alone and do not like being disturbed. They feel they are strongly supervised by their wives. This can lead to anger and frustration and might cause problems with independence later on in life. However, they tend to be charming, uncomplicated, sometimes manipulative and social. If your husband is fond of sitting with his arms crossed, this shows that he has a feeling of inferiority. His confidence gets impacted and tends to mostly struggle with your proposals. Nevertheless, these types can be easily trusted with a lot of responsibility quite early on. You find these being good leaders at the workplace. They tend to be perfectionistic, ambitious, responsible, caring, trustworthy but sometimes insecure.
Those who sit while clutching armrests will always try to find ways to be seen and acknowledged by you and will be quite rebellious if they don’t get that. They adapt quickly and they will always try to avoid conflict. They are social, great adaptability and independent. They tend to be good mediators, very loyal and loving. Everything seems to be well balanced with these type of husbands. They are calm and everything with them seems to run smoothly, as if it is all organised. Husbands who sit with their legs crossed are very creative and charismatic. They are quite natural and do not think too long about the decisions they make. This can cause some trouble every now and then, but their natural charm will help them out of a sticky situation. These husbands view family life as an adventure and are open to new experiences. They are also very popular and easily make new friends although many of these relationships are short-lived.
Those who sit with their ankle crossed are true dreamers. They have a rich imagination and can completely lose themselves in a daydream. They are very concerned and can easily make contact with other people, but they sometimes put themselves in the background because of this. They are very good listeners and are strongly in touch with their own feelings. Those who sit straight are often very smart people who are good rational thinkers. They like punctuality, neatness and are generally orderly. They like clean and neat homes and everything should be in its own proper place. They are a little reserved and will not quickly reveal everything about themselves. Yet they are very honest and do not like to gossip. They remain calm in every situation and do not easily lose perspective.
Sidesaddle sitting is for husbands who are very goal-oriented and value their careers a lot as opposed to family. They place importance on setting ambitious goals for themselves and are not satisfied with less. On a family level, they also like to set goals, for example when it comes to health and love. They are very perfectionistic about everything, including their own appearance. This sometimes causes them to lose sight of what they already have because they are always aspiring for more. If your husband is a type who changes postures every now and then and cannot sit still, then he is a chaotic husband who has trouble concentrating. His mind is always moving and you will notice that he often speaks before thinking about the impact of his words. He is easily bored and has a short attention span. They easily become disinterested and you need to bring them back to avoid conflict.
Whether your husband sits in any of the above postures or any other; or whether he relates to the above personality or not, it is important to learn about the ‘body language’, which often tells you much more than words could ever do. Learning the ‘body language’ is crucial because it is an incredibly important tool when it comes to really know your husband because the majority of husbands communicate their emotions non-verbally i.e. not using words or speech. Have a nice weekend!