Know more about 800 million year old Omani rock

Do you know that an 800 million year old rock is available in Oman for all of us to have a look at it. The Oman Geological Society is displaying of some of the unique stones discovered in Oman and on display at Muscat International Book Fair.
On display is an eight hundred million year old granite rock. “It is part of igneous rocks. This is the oldest rock we have here in Oman. It was found on the Kahwan Mountain in the Sharqiya Governorate,” said Ayman al Shouily of Oman Geological Society.
In addition to the 800 million year old granite rock there are the other attractions such as the coral fossil rock that was the fossil wood rock tells you another story because that is attached to the rock is millions of years old but what is even more fascinating is that it is a tree that is found in tropical lands and definitely not in the current climatic conditions of the Sultanate, but this wood fossil has been discovered in the desert of Oman. “It tells you about the climatic changes and positions the land has gone through,” Ayman added.
The Muscat International Book Fair is being held at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre and will conclude on March 3.