Kids, You are not alone

Saudi kids Saoud al Abbad and his sister lost their mother in an accident while they were on their way to enjoy the Khareef season in Salalah on August 14. The accident claimed lives of seven Saudi citizens and injured five others.
Both kids are now recuperating in Nizwa Hospital while their father is busy with transporting and burial of bodies back home. But the kids are not feeling lonely. Hundreds of Omanis are visiting the kids in the hospital after an Omani Qais Yousef’s tweet about the plight of these kids went viral.

Saoud and his sister are inconsolable as they keep asking for their mother without knowing that their mother is gone but the visitors are trying to cheer them up.
Among the visitors is national footballer Ali al Habsi, who also plays for Saudi football club Al Hilal, which is Saoud’s favourite team. Saoud’s joy knew no bounds as Al Habsi gave a super cup replica and his jersey.
Athar al Busaidi said: “I visited the children in the hospital more than once. My heart breaks whenever I see them. The kids do not know that their mother died in the incident and he keeps asking her as if she exists and will come. My brother and I are here to console him. My brother provided them with everything they need and he visits them daily. We will always be with them.”
Saudi Ambassador to the Sultanate, Eid bin Mohammed al Thaqafi visited the children and other injured Saudi citizens at Nizwa Hospital and comforted them.
According to ROP, the accident occurred after a collision between in wilayat of Haima in Al Wusta Governorate.