This year’s Khareef season in Salalah is one of the best in recent years. Visitors here are enjoying its majestic weather in the best possible way as serenity is engrained with greenery. A feeling of freshness is everywhereand there is reason for it. Most of the visitors here are coming from places where temperatures range from 35-44 degrees Celsius. Here, there is a contrast of 25-28 degrees made even better by drizzling and natural springs flowing near most of the mountains.
“The feeling of freshness is visible in almost all people travelling and induling in the fine Salalah temperature. Whether they are picnicking, travelling or just sitting [in some corners] along with their families on the green mountains, it is giving visitors a sense of happiness and it makes us Salalah residents happy that our guests are happy,” said Rajab Khamis, a resident of Taqah working in Salalah.
Salalah City is in itself comparatively dry but the mountain villages of Qairun Hariti, Zeik, Hagif, Gadau, Titam, Al San, Madinat al Haq and Tawi Atir has been receiving continuous drizzling. Thus all the places in 60km radius of Salalah have turned into tourist spots. The visitors here are just roaming around and flocking coffee shops or food outlets for quick grab of food and move again.
Tropical fruits, coconut-trees and green plantations are typical features of Salalah. The roadside fruit shops are doing brisk business as every visitors wants to grab some locally grown fruits like bananas, papayas, coconuts and some fresh vegetables.
With widened roads, new bridges and several new link roads, the city this year has better infrastructure than previous years. Accommodation is no more an issue with supply of so many new furnished apartments all over the city.
Star hotels have upgraded their facilities to receive the guests. They have lined up food festivals across the season to give the guests a unique experience of enjoying Salalah amid continuous drizzling and greenery everywhere.
Festivity is in the air. The ongoing Salalah Tourism Festival adds value to the visitors’ experience with their day journey concluding usually at the STF ground where they get entertained and get the food of their choice at so many food outlets spread all over the festival ground.

Text by Kaushalendra Singh photo by Abdulrahim Subait