Key to smart solutions lie in Artificial Intelligence

The Sultanate’s second conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) drew attention from wide range of sectors and worked as a catalyst among the technology enthusiasts and strategists, who found the forum a good platform for introducing new technologies in the Omani market.
The three-day conference, which is part of the Salalah Tourism Festival, opened at Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment on Monday, under the auspices of Ahmed bin Abdullah al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, with participation of 27 speakers and a large number of participants from information technology and media sectors.
The event has a mix of Omani and international speakers in which 15 speakers are from Oman and 12 from different GCC countries, Canada, Egypt, the UK and Finland.
“After the successful first edition, we have brought here expert speakers from Oman and many other countries with a view to making pace with the technological advancements the world is going through. This is also an attempt to be a national partner in achieving the goals of Oman’s 4th Industrial Revolution strategies,” said Adel bin Ramadan al Mustheel, Chairman of Fulcrum, which is the main organiser of the event.
“The conference objective is to achieve knowledge sharing on Artificial Intelligence and its role in scientific and technological progress. It is aimed at making forum for exchange of Arab and international experiences in the AI and encourage the incubators for innovations and introduction of Arab models as well as being a partner in the Oman’s Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he said.
The event is covering vast areas in which use of technology can boost their performance. Among the broad areas covered in the conference are health, media, smart cities, law, tour and travel and Blockchain.
The three-day event has two daily sessions. Today’s sessions focused on ‘Future of smart cities’ while on the sidelines of the conference, there were two workshops titled ‘Synthesis of artificial leaders and decision-makers’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence and entrepreneurship’.
“The whole exercise is to convince the stakeholders to use latest technologies and their safety tools to reap maximum advantage from their efforts in business,” said Rima al Mahri, an active volunteer of the conference.
Said al Harizi, an important office-bearer of the conference, called the conference a great platform for networking of experts from Oman and abroad. “This gives the Omani participants huge learning advantage by empowering them as how the sectors covered in the conference could benefit after adopting Artificial Intelligence.” Other speakers exhorted the participants to take advantage of such platforms, which offer smart solutions for their business needs and offer sustainability because “this is time when you have to go for smart solutions otherwise you lag behind and it would be difficult to cope up with the gap created out of it.” The Omani speakers focused on the sustainability aspect of the Artificial Intelligence and said that the platforms offer sustainable solutions to achieve broad national goals of development and continuous innovation.