Kenyans queue to see body of Moi, country’s longest-serving ruler

NAIROBI: Kenyans formed long queues on Sunday to glimpse the body of the country’s longest-serving leader, Daniel arap Moi, which is on public display ahead of a state funeral service.
Moi, who is respected by many despite a 24-year rule infamous for corruption and the crushing of opposition voices, died on February 4 aged 95.
The body of the late president who towered over Kenya between 1978 and 2002 was escorted by military guard through the streets of the capital to the parliament building, drawn on a gun carriage and wrapped in the national flag.
He will be on public view in Nairobi for three days, until a memorial service with full civilian and military honours on Tuesday.
Many queued for hours to pay their respects to a ruler they revered, while others stood in disbelief that the man they had long feared was gone.
Magdalene Njoki, a vendor, travelled with her two children from Thika, about 50 kilometres from Nairobi, to thank the president who provided free milk in school under a Moi-era policy.
“He was a good leader,” she said.
Foreign dignitaries, soldiers and ordinary citizens alike paused, bowed and saluted as they passed the former ruler, dressed in dark suit. Justin Okello, who also queued to see Moi’s body, said “even the mention of his name” could evoke fear. — AFP