Keeping attitude in check is key to greater achievements

Nothing is more fitting to Mohsin al Balushi’s life story than the adage, ‘Your attitude determines your altitude.’
This Omani aviation personnel has been keeping his attitude in check that although he once started doing odd jobs as customer service staff, he forged on until finally reaching the ladder of success becoming a director of an airline company in less than 18 years.
Mohsin is currently the Director of Ground Operations for Salam Air and his growth and success has served as a unique example to his peers on how to build a successful career. Today, he always begins his day on a positive note to inspire others and motivate them to do more.
“I’m committed to the world to live on happily. I try myself to live according to the situational demands and believes in being instrumental and be a benefit for others”, Mohsin shared.
“I’m concerned about the contribution I could make to the community, my society, and to the country. I want my life to be meaningful. All these are the factors making me live on and succeed. These are my goals life,” he said.
As a child, Mohsin used to stare at the huge ‘flying objects’ in the sky that blink like a firefly at night and the little Mohsin used to spend hours and hours waiting for the next ‘beast’ in the sky. His love for flights turned into kites and birds which can fly and flutter in the air. He dreamt of becoming a pilot steering the huge engines in the sky.
He gained a Degree in Business Administration from Mazoon College before he secured a Diploma in IATA/UFTAA foundation and EBT course.
Today, after 14 years of dreaming, Mohsin has made a name for himself in Oman’s airline sector having worked in the aviation industry, both at the airport and in-ground services department at various levels.
With thorough knowledge of all kinds of airport operations, he once served as a senior regional manager of airport services for the GCC, Middle East and Iran with flydubai and many other airlines in the region.
His aviation stint is so fruitful that he has been instrumental in helping the company save a whopping RO4.59 million per year.
“It’s all about dreaming big. Shed your inhibitions, dream, and dream big. One doesn’t have any right to put limitations on his or her dreams. Aspire more and more but at the same time, be ready to give more because it is only in the dictionary that one can find the word ‘result’ before ‘work’ and I believe this simple definition can be a wakeup call for many,” he advised.
According to Mohsin, what pulls our youth back is the lack of proper vision and forward thinking in a world of obsessive consumption of electronic gadgets and living in their comfort zone. They fail to challenge themselves for the future.
“I believe the physical workshops are very limited, which makes an individual to be laid back. So one should always have high aims and hopes in life. We have to come out of our existing luxury and the youth should always have questions”.