Keep on running!

The problem about getting in shape or attaining a new health habit like running is that when you stop, it’s so hard to get back to it. Why stop in the first place? I know. You’ve got to keep on running.
As there are trainers for different sports, there are also different types of trainer for the way you run. I never thought trainers were so important to be honest. Before, I used to think that if the shoe fits, then that is there is to know about running. Well, not really.
I recently entered into the world of half marathon running and my pre-conceived notion that trainers were just trainers was shattered. Running has its own complexities and technicalities. Take for instance the different motion your feet take when you run.
There’s normal, over pronation and under-pronation — these three referring to the motion of the foot as it makes contact with the ground.
You can find the wet footprint test online, which will act as a guide to your foot/running type and accordingly the shoe for you.
I am not sure if there are any trainer tested fitting shops in Muscat actually. When I was there, there wasn’t. I’m sure if there is, I’d definitely hear from you.
When I was there, I would do the online thing and order or wait till I visited the UK. Of course, this is a totally expensive way of obtaining a trainer and by no means am I suggesting you travel to get them – unless you fancy a holiday at the same time. Online is the way forward.
You may also be aware that the wrong choice of running shoes can cause all sorts of problems. If your foot is not being supported properly, your body will not absorb shock efficiently and with up to four times your body weight going through your feet when you run, this can cause an incredible amount of stress. This in turn can lead to problems not just with the feet, but the legs, knees, hips and spine.
Comfort is key and avoiding injury is worth those special trainers to enjoy a good run in. Along with the right foot wear you need to fuel your training and maximise your performance.
If you have committed to your training schedule, commit to fuelling your body the right way too.
A good nutrition plan will support your training, and help you perform and achieve that finish line result. Whilst everyone has a different need, there is a general consensus on what you should choose and how much. Your training schedule will see your energy needs increase.
To avoid early fatigue, choose carbohydrates for this extra energy. I’m prone to colds due to a low immune system when I change diets and exercise more at the start. Muscles prefer to use carbohydrates as their fuel and the harder and longer you train the more fuel your muscles need.
Also add protein to your meals and snacks. Good choices are chicken, eggs, fish, beans and pulses. Fruit and vegetables are important. It’s all important to be honest and no corners should be missed when in training or running loads. Hydration is important. Drinking fluids is necessary to replace water and loss in sweat.
Get yourself new trainers, a new outfit, clear those cupboards and fridge with good supporting food and then run to your hearts content for a healthier happier you.

Sayeh Woodman