Jury panel of Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence meets

MUSCAT, DEC 28 – The Jury Committee overseeing the third round of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence met at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the chairmanship of Eng Hussain bin Hathieth al Bat’hari, Head of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry branch in Dhofar Governorate. The Chairman said: “The Jury Committee will conclude with the approval of final results and preparation of the jury’s reports. After the selection of winning applications out of 74 applications competing for the award, the final results will be announced at the Oman Industry Week in February 2020.”
Commenting on the success of the jury evaluation session, Dr Khamis al Muniri, Executive Director at Madayn Industrial Academy (MIA) stated, “We are pleased today to witness the success of the jury session of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence in its third round. During the evaluation, we sensed the willingness of different organisations from various manufacturing sub-sectors to improve their performance constantly — the thing which reflects the role of the award in motivating organisations to take the competition as a driver for change and efficiency in industrial production.”
Nasima al Balushi, Director-General of Investment and Export, Ithraa emphasised, “This award has great recognition in the Sultanate, so it serves as a source of inspiration and competition among organisations in improving their operational efficiency and production productivity, thus encouraging further development as well as recognising some of the great role models to the manufacturing industries.”
Dr Charles Fang Chin Cheng, Lead Economic Affairs Expert to the Director-General of Industry highlighted, “There is great evolvement in the award’s assessment criteria since its launch up to this round as some were merged and others have been introduced as a response to the rapid advancement in the industrial development and emerging global trends, such as criteria about the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and solutions. Further, the continuous development of human resources is also one of the focuses, such as a learning mix of advanced workforce training, the upskilling roadmap, talent management among others. Going forward, all these represent the next stage in the evolvement of the award.”