Jordanian Senate delegation ends visit

MUSCAT: The delegation representing the General Secretariat of the Jordanian Senate concluded a four-day visit to the Sultanate. The visit was in response to the invitation extended by the State Council within the framework of exchanging experiences between the two councils. During the visit, the delegation was acquainted with the working mechanism of the Council. The Assistant Secretariat for Administrative and Financial Affairs hosted the delegation today. Ibrahim bin Sulaiman Al-Luwahei, Director of the Department of Financial Affairs and responsible for the work of the Director of Human Resources Department, welcomed them.
He reviewed the terms of reference of the Assistant General Secretariat and its role in enhancing the quality of administrative and financial services. He detailed its role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of managing financial resources in accordance with applicable legislation, training of national cadres, caring for employees and creating a productive and stimulating work environment to spread the culture of quality and excellence.
The delegation visited the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, where officials at the Sultan Qaboos Center for Culture and Science presented the delegation with a brief explanation of the mosque’s designs. The delegation also learned about the centres of the mosque and the role it plays. The delegation expressed admiration for the designs of the mosque and its services to Islam.