Joint military drills now reach last stage

MUSCAT: Omani and British forces’ joint military drills are approaching the last stage, according to Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, and Official Spokesman of the State for Al Shomoukh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3 (Swift Sword 3).
The Sultan Armed Forces (SAF) Command, represented by the Moral Guidance, organised a joint Omani-British press conference for the Al Saif Al Sareea 3 exercise on Monday. It was presided over by Dr Al Hasani.
Speaking on the occasion, he said: “All the objectives behind Al Shomoukh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3 have been realised.” Dr Al Hasani added, “Good planning for such exercises will ensure achieving the goals behind Al Shomoukh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3.” The press conference was attended by senior officers, local and foreign media persons. The British Ambassador to the Sultanate Hamish Cowell also attended the press meet.
Brigadier Hassan bin Ali al Mujaini, Head of Moral Guidance, Military Spokesman for Al Shomoukh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3, explained the objectives behind the two military exercises.
Air Commodore Maktoum bin Salim al Mazrouie, Assistant Chief of Staff for Training and Joint Exercises, lauded the efficiency of the soldiers as well as their professionalism in handling real and hypothetical events of the exercises.
He said Al Shomoukh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3 were the biggest exercises ever conducted in the history of SAF in terms of size and equipment used.
He said the participation of the Royal British Forces at Al Saif Al Sareea 3 has played an important role in achieving the set objectives.
“The two stages of the drill — the marine drill and the land-air drill with live ammunition — will take place in an environment that simulates real battle operations,” he said.
The live ammunition drill on Saturday will show the equipment and vehicles used by Omani and British forces at Al Saif Al Sareea 3 exercise.
Brigadier General Mark Peter Kenyon, Director of the Directorate of Military Development, said: “The exercise by the Omani and British forces has been successful in all aspects.” “The sophistication of the exercises as well as the support provided by the Omani public organisations have been impressive.” Ambassador Cowell said, “The exercise reflects the strong relations between the Sultanate and the United Kingdom as well as our commitment to the security of the region.” “I believe the British Royal Forces had a useful experience and benefited from operating in rough terrains,” he added. — ONA