National Centre for Recruitment opens on Jan 1

Muscat: The National Centre for Recruitment (NCR) will start work on January 1 to boost citizens’ job prospects and ensure Omanisation policies across sectors in the Sultanate, a statement said. The NCR has issued a statement on Tuesday, which reads as follows: “In culmination of the stages made by the establishment of the National Centre for Recruitment to ensure commencing its operations on January 1, the Board of Directors of the Centre gave an integrated presentation to the Council of Ministers to review the aspects pertaining to its work plan, stages of launching its works and the mechanisms to activate paths of employment for the upcoming period, which focuses on integration with the key economic sectors that handle the creation of job opportunities, the application of Omanisation policies and enhancing the partnership with the private sector in recruiting the national workforce, in addition to the collaboration of efforts with various relevant parties. The Centre will be a main destination for employment, whether for jobseekers or the institutions generating job opportunities in the public and private sectors”.

The statement added, “The Council of Ministers has blessed the steps taken in this regard. It also affirmed its interest in following up the Centre’s role in activating paths of employment in manner that copes with the aspirations and pushes the wheel of employment forward. The Council of Ministers has also stressed the importance that all relevant institutions shall maintain coordination with the National Centre for Recruitment according to the article (5) of the Royal Decree No 22/2019 establishing the National Centre for Recruitment and issuing its regulation, in a bid to achieve the public interest in providing job opportunities for the national workforce in all specialisations”. — ONA