Japan’s Suga vows to put growth ahead of fiscal reform

TOKYO: Yoshihide Suga, on course to become Japan’s next prime minister, said he would maintain incumbent premier Shinzo Abe’s policy prioritising economic growth over efforts to fix the country’s tattered finances.
Suga, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, also said he would continue to focus on revitalising regional economies, which he described as among key pillars of “Abenomics”.
“A strong economy is necessary for social welfare, national security and fiscal reform,” Suga told a debate hosted by the ruling party on Wednesday. “We must first revive the economy, because only then can we push through fiscal reform.”
The remarks reinforce market expectations that an administration led by Suga won’t trigger big changes to the pro-growth economic policies Shinzo Abe championed during his nearly eight-year stint as prime minister.
If he becomes Japan’s next leader, Suga will face the daunting task of containing the coronavirus pandemic while managing the economic consequences.
— Reuters