Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy on Feb 9, 10

MUSCAT: Nara Oman Friendship Association (NPO NOFA) is a Japanese group from Nara city, a historical Japanese city that was the capital of Japan until the 8th century.
The Group will participate in Muscat Festival on February 9, 10 in Naseem Park to introduce and promote some of the Japanese traditions and cultures such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami and pounding Mochi.
All members of Nara Group will be wearing different traditional costume called Kimono. The programme of the performances and the timings are as follows:
Tea Ceremony:
People will enjoy the authentic real Matcha show (green tea ceremony)
February 9 Friday, at 9 pm
February 10 Saturday, at 5 pm
In addition to these, the Group will introduce ‘Yamatocha’ green tea from Nara prefecture like Sencha, Hojicha and sweet tea (non-sugar, non-calories sweet tea) which is cultivated and produced from the land of Nara city. Also, visitors can taste the Matcha Cappuccino.
Nara Prefecture is famous to produce Japanese calligraphy ink and brushes. Members of the group will write names of the visitors on a special Japanese paper.
February 9 at 9 pm
February 10 at 5 pm
Origami (paper folding):
In the Origami corner visitors will learn the traditional Origami paper folding with the members of the Group.
February 9 at 5 pm till last
February 10 at 5 pm till last
‘Mochi’ rice cake pounding performance:
Visitor can try the Mochi (rice cake) prepared by members of the Group.
February 9 at 5 pm
February 10 at 7 pm.