Jail sentence for poaching in Qurayat reserve

MUSCAT: The Court of Criminal Appeal Muscat convicted two defendants for hunting the Arabian gazelle in the Ras al Shajar Sanctuary in Qurayat. The court sentenced them to six months imprisonment, three months imprisonment and a fine of RO 1,000. The second defendant was also convicted of violating the Weapons and Ammunition Law. The weapons and the vehicle used in the crime were seized from the second defendant, who has been also asked to pay the cost of the case.
The incident took place when the Qurayat Police Station received a report from the Ras al Shajar Nature Reserve about two people trying to hunt down the Arabian gazelle inside the reserve. The two men initially refused to accept the crime but later admitted that they hunted the Arabian gazelle for personal consumption. Hunting or smuggling of gazelles, oryx and deer from a nature reserve is a crime punishable by imprisonment of five years and a fine of RO 5,000, reiterated the Public Prosecution in Oman.