IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic gives a ray of hope to childless couples

Muscat: Cases of infertility in both men and women are on the rise in Oman. A study conducted by UN has revealed that average birth rates have dropped from 5.23 children for each woman in 1980 through 1985, to 1.97 in the 2005-2010. The UN has also projected that this is expected to drop to 1.62 by 2025 through 2030 overall.
In addition, studies have shown that couples from Oman travelled to various parts of the world to seek medical assistance for IVF treatments. These couples travelled to countries like the UK which can cost RO 2,515, US where the costs can run anywhere from RO 6160.80 (including medication) but does not include genetics tests, frozen embryo transfer and storage of eggs and embryos and Saudi Arabia where the cost of the treatment is RO 2,502 upwards.
“Infertility treatment is a time taking process which requires the couple to make frequent visits to their overseas doctor. The frequent visits for varied treatment stages can impact the couple emotionally, financially and also physically as it also affects overall health. However, the set — up of IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic in Oman has addressed this challenge. IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic provides individuals seeking fertility treatments with international standards of medical facilities that are not only affordable at a competitively low cost of RO 1,800 per IVF cycle, but accessible in the region itself,” said Dr Frank Ruiz, IVF Specialist at IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, Oman.
“With the introduction of IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic in Oman, couples now have access to high-quality, global standard In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatments. Several couples — both Omani nationals and expats living in the region are already seeking consultation with us we’re happy to support them combat this challenge,” added Dr Frank Ruiz, IVF Specialist at IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, Oman.
IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic is the world leader in delivering fertility treatments with 70 clinics worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of infertility treatments, including genetic testing, backed by advanced technology and a team of highly experienced specialists. The friendly patient-care staff ensures that couples seeking IVF treatments are walked through all possible details on their treatment and expected results.
From determining the root cause of infertility to investigating the simple and visible problem of cyst, fibroid or hormonal imbalance, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic is well — equipped to provide the best-in-class services.