Itin set to get facelift

Agreements for two public utility projects titled ‘Itin Oasis’ and ‘Itin Walkway’ were signed on Wednesday between Dhofar Municipality and Muscat National Development and Investment Company (ASAAS) on Wednesday. Itin Oasis would be developed on a land area of 146,000 sqm, while Itin Walkway would cover an area of 160,000 sqm. Both the projects are of immense importance due to their location in Itin, which is also the venue for the annual Khareef Festival. According to the agreement, Itin Oasis would have high quality accommodation facilities with recreational activities, commercial facilities and a restaurant, which would cater to the needs of both locals and tourists.

A high quality restaurant in this area was much awaited, as a large number of people travel to Itin mountain daily and look for searching a nice location for food and beverages. The set up would also have an open area park fitted with all possible equipment for entertainment and exercise. A general outline of the project suggests that the Itin Walkway would have sports facilities, including football grounds and tennis courts. Both the projects are being developed under 50-year maintenance guarantee scheme with a hope that they would add value to the existing facilities in Salalah and raise the facility bar of the city.

The signatories to the agreements were Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan bin Hamoud al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, and Abdullah bin Humaid al Maamari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Development Projects of ASAAS. The agreements were signed in presence of Salim bin Aufit al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality and some senior officials of Dhofar Municipality, Governor’s office and Muscat National Development and Investment Company. According to Dhofar Municipality officials, the whole idea behind these projects is to give Itin area a facelift with state-of-the-art facilities for the tourists coming during the winter and Khareef seasons.

“As a matter of fact we are preparing for a next level of development where infrastructural and facility developments would go side by side. It has become necessary in the wake of large flow of tourists in Salalah,” he said.

Kaushalendra Singh