Ithraa puts spotlight on e-Economy at COMEX

Business Reporter –

Thousands of technology fans are expected to attend COMEX this week at the newly-opened Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre. The event is one of the Sultanate’s largest trade shows and companies will be wooing visitors and the media alike with the latest techie innovations.
In addition to the participating global IT giants, the three-day show also features a large e-Government presence, and joining that pavilion will be a team from Ithraa, Oman’s award-winning investment promotion and export development agency.
Managing Ithraa’s presence at COMEX is IT Director, Azza al Kindi. “Smart digital investment is not just about cables and boxes but also inspiration that propels cities and towns around Oman into the new digital age. We welcome visitors to our stand to show them how we’re leveraging new technologies to help attract inward investment and promote Oman’s non-oil exports,” she said.
The IT Director explained: “The amount of investment the government is putting into IT infrastructure is just the beginning. The broader community now needs to be made aware of how they can leverage the infrastructure for better economic outcomes such as businesses using cloud technology, exporting knowledge and ideas to market and improving the utilisation of big data.”
Azza al Kindi pointed out: “COMEX clearly shows that local digital tech businesses are helping power the economic growth of Oman, all of which are contributing to Oman’s growing reputation for technological excellence.”
In recent years, the sultanate has seen a significant upswing of successful IT start-ups opening on Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), particularly in KOM’s incubator programmes, as well as established international businesses taking root on the Park.