ITA continues to support entities with robust IT infrastructure

MUSCAT: By the end of 2016, the number of transactions carries out through the ePayment Gateway is 1,098,935 and their value reached RO 207,286,634. To enhance the gateway, the ITA added a new beneficiary, which are the nonprofit organisations along with the previous beneficiaries that are government, private and charitable organisations. One of the key projects is ePayment Gateway that enables government and private sector institutions and citizens to make secure electronic transactions and simplify the payment procedures. Since its launch, 41 government entities and 36 private entities utilised the services of ePayment Gateway.
About 24 government entities are integrated with Tam service and 38,762 digital certificates issued for the Mobile PKI service and 11,095,402 million digital certificates have been issued on the ID card since the launch of the service and until today. The number of ID transactions carried out is 4,367,226.00 million and 1,210,772.00 million for the Mobile PKI transactions.
ITA’s Digital Certification Service (Tam), through its National Digital Certification Centre (NDCC), Tam service allows citizens and residents to complete their transactions in a high level of confidentiality; trust and credibility through the authentication of their ID/Resident Card, as well as the mobile SIM Card. This can be used as a certification method online without the need of having to be physically present at service providers’ locations.
The Information Technology Authority (ITA) is responsible for the development and implementation of the IT infrastructure in Oman to help other government and private sector entities to offer quality services and keep them abreast of the latest international technologies by undertaking various projects and initiatives.
Another key project is the National Data Centre, which hosts the government entities data and IT systems to be as back up for any disaster recovery cases. Currently the centre hosts the data of 37-government entity.
In order to provide a secured environment for the government electronic services to grow, the ITA provides Oman Government Network (OGN) project in cooperation with the telecommunication companies.