It is not about us, it is about others

Does it take a fine to make us realise reality and what is good for us?

There is a virus that is waiting to be carried around so that it can continue the chain and then there are us humans who are not able to override our emotions.  Doctors and scientists have told us enough about how the novel Coronavirus Covid_19 expands its network and to ensure we stay safe authorities set measures.

To discourage violation the authorities introduced fines.  But this seemed not to have stopped individuals who are moved with the overwhelming emotion of concluding the holy month of fasting with prayers and celebration by gathering.

Maybe we have not realised the danger of these gatherings and outings.  As I write this we are trying to help an individual with his next step after receiving the notification that his covid_19 test result is positive.  His company is supportive and Ministry of Health has accommodation for isolation. Experts reassure that in most cases the individual will recover on their own in two weeks.  But for the person who is going through the symptoms this holiday is totally different.  More than the symptoms it is the mind that must be going through many thoughts in folds.

One has to be mentally strong and we have to do everything to boost our immunity and mind.  But let that not give us over confidence to take unnecessary risks by venturing out and troubling ourselves and the authorities.

There is, however, something more important than all this.  We have to remember that it is not always about us but about others too.

There might be others who might be confused where they should go for treatment and go through a variety of distress.   But it can only be stopped if we are willing to take precautions as organizations or as individuals.  We can meet and gather after the pandemic, let this year be an exception.  Let us catch up online.

It is of course not practical to be always indoors because the economy must run again and as they say the show must go on, but not at the cost of health.  To achieve that goal of being safe yet efficient in getting back to the engine we must learn to unlearn certain habits.  Hearing so much about the two meter distance the brain has already learnt to trigger off signals sending alerts as soon as we come across people.  We need to learn to keep our fingertips from surfaces we come across.  So have we lost our natural self?

It is called self defense.  It is time for us to gear up.  Let us not wait for others to safeguard us we owe that much to the nation.  Keeping ourselves safe and healthy is our responsibility.  Let us break the chain, give medical professionals and the Royal Oman Police officials a break.  We are after all responsible adults.  It is not about us, it is about our families, the nation.

Let us think again, before stepping out.