It is bloom time on Salalah mountains

Salalah: Any time is a good time in Salalah. Post khareef (monsoon) season there is no sign of rains but the greenery on the mountains is still there and most of them are covered with different kinds of flowers. It is bloom time here. The official calendar bid adieu to this year’s khareef season on Saturday. However, for nature lovers and holidaymakers, Salalah still holds charm due to its sublime flow of fresh water into the wadis (canals) and many natural springs spread around the mountains. Officially the khareef season runs from June 21 to September 21. The flow of water in some canals (wadis) has become relatively mild but overall the impact has become better for visitors and picnic goers.

It is time for plant and flower lovers as the whole of Salalah is in blooms to greet the new set of visitors from European countries who come here either by cruise ships or by charter flights. Blessed with so many varieties of wild flowers, this is the bloom time for many of them. The continuous flow of rainwater during the khareef season hydrate the dormant seeds and plants. Many of them erupt naturally without any care in the mountains and the valleys and there are species which are seen only after the monsoon season.

For those who still want to see mist and fog may have to travel a bit in search of them. Hardly 30 to 50 km of drive in any direction towards the mountains and there is sudden drop of temperature, may be up to 10 degrees, with very less visibility early mornings and evenings. “The phenomenon which was available anywhere in 60-65 km of Salalah radius during the khareef season, is still there but for a little drive where the nature lovers can get better view and possibilities of best clicks,” Shanfari, a nature lover and an avid photographer, said. For him summarising Salalah charm is very difficult in words. “That is why I try to grab the nature in my camera. Splash of colours erupt out of nature this time it gives me pleasure capturing these,” he said.

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