Islam in Oman .. The name regarded with the highest respect


Mohammed has been one of the most popular names in Oman for centuries. Its popularity has prompted some to engrave the name on pieces of jewellery in the past. Hundreds of years later the popularity continues.
As proof to the high regard for the name Mohammed, The National Museum of Oman currently has an exhibit showcasing rings worn by people through generations that echoes the name of Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon him).
According to the museum, the name Muhammed is derived from the Arabic root word H-M-D, meaning ‘praise’, and can be translated as the ‘Oft-Praised-One.’
The Museum shared, “Revealed first to prophet’s mother Aminah bint Wahb, the name Muhammed appears four times in the Noble Quran. It is now one of the most popular names in the Islamic countries.”
Articles of jewellery inscribed with the name of the Prophet Muhammed are worn by men and women through Oman as an affirmation of the Muslim faith. The inscription of the Prophet’s name also extends to important personal articles such as scroll containers and pen boxes as well as in architectural use, said the description at the museum situated in Muscat. The exhibit is on the upper floor of the museum.