ISG students embark on educational trip, awestruck with Kennedy Space Centre

Thirty-one students of Indian School Al Ghubra were given an opportunity to experience the sophistication of the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida as part of their 10-day educational trip to the United States.
The students were on a steep learning curve at the camp as they had hands-on experience in Coding and Robotics. The visit to the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Centre acquainted students with the many rockets launched through the years.
At the museum, they were awestruck by the exhibits, related to space missions. Lunch with an astronaut, Jon McBride, was an unforgettable experience and gave them an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity about Space and its many mysteries.
The visit to Disney World, Ripley’s Museum, and Universal Studios in Orlando were dreams come true for the students. They also visited the Niagara Falls of which they came face to face with this iconic wonder of nature.
A guided tour of Washington DC gave the students an overview of the seat of the government of the country. They also made a visit to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and ended their trip with a quick stop in New York where they took in the sights of the world-renowned spots such as the Time Square and One World Tower. The visit to the iconic Statue of Liberty aroused the curiosity of the students regarding the historical events associated with it.