ISG students attend global young leaders conference

MUSCAT: Ten students from Indian School Al Ghubra, Aditya Kamath, Anaiz Naushar, Ansh Chandna, Anushree Gupte, Meghna Mishra, Nafisa Zuhra, Prerna Ravi, Rupsha Debnath, Unnati Asher and Vidhika Shah had the extraordinary opportunity to embark on an experience of a lifetime at the Global Young Leaders Conference, held at Washington DC and New York City, from July 3 to 13, organised by Envision EMI.
Each delegate was placed in different country groups which worked towards the final Global Summit simulation by creating resolutions to global problems. For the first time, three students of the ISG delegation were chosen to be on the main leadership team at the Global Summit, conducted in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Rupsha Debnath who was elected to the Chair led the Leadership Team and the 340 delegates. She delivered the official closing ceremony speech.
Anushree Gupte was elected the Deputy Chair in the Leadership Team, and facilitated speeches and votes on the resolutions by the delegates at the Global Summit.
Aditya Kamath was elected as an ‘Assembly Manager’ and assisted the delegates at the Global Summit to present their point of view.
Their success is attributed to ISG’s participation in the Round Square Organisation and various Model United Nations Conferences at the international level which empower students to take responsibility and make students aware of the world around them.
It was a great opportunity for the delegates to meet students from various countries and explore cultural differences, learn about international diplomacy, and enhance decision-making skills.
The senior students of ISG have been representing their school at GYLC since 1997 and this year’s participation marked the 20th anniversary. Above all, this ten-day leadership journey has equipped them with confidence, independence and global competitiveness.