ISG hosts mobile robotics workshop

MUSCAT: Indian School Al Ghubra organised the 7th annual ISG Robotics workshop on Begin –O-Robotics on October 6, 7 in the school auditorium.
The workshop was conducted by the Department of Physics in association with Innovians Technologies, Noida, headed by Prateek Gupta.
Over 280 students enthusiastically took part in what was the 7th edition of the creativity-stimulating bonanza in the school by the acclaimed robotics group from Noida.
The event was kick started with an introduction to electronics and robotics. An explanation of Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics followed. The first assignment of the day was a manual robot.
Each step was carefully demonstrated with the help of videos and follow up assistance from the team. All the teams completed the wiring and bolting and successfully tested their bots.
The next day saw the completion of the line follower, and its due testing. The Innovians helped the teams overcome a variety of obstacles enrooted to the bot testing.
The second session of the day involved creation of the ‘pick and place robot’. A series of four controls were used to navigate the robot, to pick up items and place them in the desired spot. A competition based on this followed where two teams combined to try and pick 10 bottles and move it to the designated region.
By conducting a series of workshops, Robotics Club aims at giving the students an edge over others in the field of technology. All in all, the workshop was an unforgettable experience with great learning outcomes and will be cherished by all participants.