Is it safe to work out during Ramadhan?

MUSCAT, May 22 – Many people tend to think there is no need to exhaust the body after fasting for about 15 hours during Ramadhan. However, experts say that it is completely healthy to work out while you fast as exercise actually keeps brain, neuro-mortors and muscle fibres biologically young. “Health is a crown on healthy heads. And to maintain this health we need to exercise which is the first treatment for all diseases. Exercise is necessary and it should be an essential thing in your daily life like going to work, eating and drinking.
“During Ramadhan, exercise is recommended to be done one hour before breaking the fast and two to three hours after it,” points out Badriya al Hinai, a fitness trainer.
She emphasised the importance of daily exercise which helps treat mental stress and expel negative energy from the body.
“Even during Ramadhan, exercise must be a part of the day. Yoga is necessary to expel negative energy and is beneficial for patients with dystrophy, asthma and heart diseases,” she said.
During the holy month, a proper nutrition is important for a balanced workout to prevent getting affected with anemia.
However, one should take some precautions before considering to do exercise during Ramadhan.
Rabyab Sidhiq, a certified physical fitness trainer, says, “Do not exercise on empty stomach. Exercise only after food and maintain 2-3 hours gap in between food intake and exercising.
“Do not have heavy meals before exercise. Make sure you drink more water sip by sip and have food that rehydrates and keeps the water content in the body. Intake of carbohydrates is encouraged during ‘suhur’ which helps to stay energetic.
“Do not exercise to extreme level, but only do moderate intensity workouts. And finally, make sure that you get enough sleep.”

Zainab al Nassri