Iranian artist sharing love for Oman

Iranian artist Nakisa Samadi concluded her exhibition “Painting of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik”. The two-day exhibition aimed at shedding the light to the personality of the new Sultan and to continue supporting the tight diplomatic relations with the two countries.
“the bonds between Omanis and Iranians can be reinforced by art as well. Artists can bring close the two peoples through sharing their life aspects, values, aspirations, love to one another, etc,” Nakisa commented.
“Undoubtedly, Oman and Iran share close diplomatic, economic and military ties. These ties can also be tightened through art,” she added.
Nakisa is delightful to be in Oman and live with the people of Oman and the joy of the national day. I am sure that HM Sultan Haitham will continue the march of the development that the late Sultan Qaboos started fifty years back”.
Nakisa, engaged in art for a decade now, believes that her experience is skilled by the deep love she has for painting, not alone her specialisation in Graphics.
Tram, Hyper realism, Line & point are some new methods that she is engaged with to create her artistic works.
Having used, the techniques, namely acrylics, patina and golden leaf, she has created a surprising artistic art works of HM for the first time in the Sultanate to celebrate the 50th National Day.
speaking of her experience with the new methods she uses, Nakisa says, “If you squint looking at a picture you’ll be able to see beyond colour variations and notice how details blend together and create simpler masses of similar value”.
“Lines are much more than the contour of objects. When looking at any artwork, each edge between different colours or different shapes can be seen as a line. Either used as a contour or as an edge between different paint colours, lines define shapes and can be used by the artist to guide the eye of the viewer through the painting”.