Involve youths in nation-building

Youth are cornerstone of the nation-building process. If governments have genuine confidence in youth, then they will direct all their energy and talent in developing their countries.
That is why nations that utilise their youth in the right direction are more developed while those that don’t realise the value of youth remain behind.
“A society that cuts off from its youth severs its lifeline,” former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan had said.
If youth are not given an opportunity to take part in the nation-building process, they might turn into a burden. I’m sure there are hundreds of ways in which youths’ contribution to government and decisions or policy-makers could be very fruitful. All they need is trust and a little time to prove themselves.
In some situations, youth practices and principles become more useful and practical as well as more worthy than the ample experiences of elders. Mostly, youth are more creative.
I believe in some government bodies, youth can be involved to help in the process of reviewing, setting up and implementing policies and procedures especially on issues concerning youth.
Consulting the youth every now and then and identifying their demands and issues of concern is of great support that offers youth essential services. Consequently, they will turn out to be valuable assets to the country.
Young talent, as an important segment of people in society, should be given a key role in certain social activities and events organised to reinvigorate the culture and traditions of society.
Through this, youth will be encouraged to bring out their best and play an essential part in serving the community. Another area of youth strength that should be highlighted and well-invested is sports. They shall be leading when organising recreational and athletics programmes.
Youth rights and responsibilities should be clearly identified in any field they are involved in or anticipated to take part in. At this point, youth will definitely get the feeling of belonging and self-importance. Hence, it will obviously be reflected in their productivity in whatever they do, so they become more devoted and loyal.
Accordingly, I believe there should be a group of youth experts formed to support government and private bodies in decision-making. Likewise, they can be consulted on certain issues. This will encourage youth to shoulder the responsibility with the authorities concerned.
Are enough opportunities been given to Omani youth through which they can contribute to nation-building? Have they been provided sufficient support for setting up their businesses, for instance? Perhaps not in all fields. Therefore, more attention needs to be directed towards youth and development of young talent.
Omani youth are given special attention by His Majesty who believes in youth as the future of the nation and the real treasure which should be always developed. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos said: “As long as society succeeds in raising, developing, qualifying, training, enhancing skills and diversifying the experience of its human resources, success is guaranteed in building a modern state with progress in all aspects of life.” Thank you Your Majesty for the Royal trust and strong belief on youth.
It’s the role of all authorities concerned and establishments to identify all possible opportunities where Omani youth can be involved in decision-making and contribute in developing the nation. Always having youth on board is an advantage and a rewarding experience.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami