International community must support poor nations

In his speech to the Minister of  Responsible for  Foreign Affairs said the Sultanate of Oman adopts an approach based on the promotion of peace, coexistence, tolerance, dialogue and close cooperation with other nations and peoples, and adherence to the principles of justice, equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of States and the peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with the provisions and principles of the Charter of the United Nations

He said peace and dialogue are an important necessity for humankind and their collective responsibility. The United Nations must work in this direction. Its role requires the support and support of the international community to promote national and international interests. This can only be achieved by giving a strong role to the United Nations to protect humanity from conflict and war.
Political and economic conflicts and conflicts are the result of the complacency of the international community to commit to providing support and assistance to the least developed countries, which has caused many problems and conflicts such as the issue of international migration from different continents that created concepts of chaos, revolutions, instability and instability in many regions of the world.
The economic downturn and weak international trade resulted in such situations, especially in the developing countries, which negatively impacted the consensus of the countries within the framework of the WTO agreements and limited the ability of the Organization to achieve its basic objectives agreed to enhance the capabilities of developing countries in international trade,
“We believe that the demands of some parties to hold a greater share in international trade or to implement policies of closure and protectionism increase the severity of the problems and tensions in the world. Therefore, it is important for the world to view a new vision that achieves justice, expands common interests and supports developing countries’ capacities to reach advanced levels of development.”

Oman urges all member states to exert more efforts and cooperation to take into account the United Nations personality and pivotal role in international relations. “We also look forward to an effective role for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which has the highest potential to achieve the goals and purposes of the United Nations. In which we see the capacity to take the initiative to revitalize the Organization’s role in the pursuit of international peace and security.
We also call on the international community to promote a culture of dialogue and understanding to ensure that conflicts and tensions in the world are resolved peacefully, responsibly and credibly. We believe that it is important to review the weakness of international policies and to have a serious approach to resolving regional and international problems and issues of climate change and other issues affecting the security and stability of States.”
The Sultanate of Oman calls upon the United Nations and the international community to shoulder the responsibility and work for peace, conflict prevention and war and the resolution of differences through dialogue. In this context, my country renews its readiness to work with the United Nations to build a new world of security and stability.

On Climate change: The world is undergoing new transformations towards scientific and technological progress, which has become influential in people’s lives. The world is witnessing a steady increase in population growth, and therefore we stress the importance of working with a new perspective for a global partnership to benefit from advanced technologies and scientific progress.
The global achievement achieved by the signing of the Paris Convention on Climate Change is an important asset for mankind. The world is witnessing a number of natural changes that must create convictions for all countries of the importance of adhering to and adherence to the Convention.
The Final Document of the 2010 NPT Review Conference indicated that the 1995 decision to free the Middle East from all weapons of mass destruction remains necessary to achieve its objectives and objectives. In this context, my country supports the efforts of the international community towards a binding instrument covering the loopholes that have emerged in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Weapons of Mass Destruction because of the importance of this document to assist the international community in the elimination of weapons of mass destruction.

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