Interior ministry continues to receive nominations for Shura elections

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Interior continues to receive nomination e-applications at for Majlis Ash’shura elections until February 21. The ministry said that the process of submission of nomination applications which, began on February 3, will continue until February 21. The process has been running smoothly and there is a team of specialists whose job is to resolve any technical problems at the dedicated website that may face the applicants at any stage of the process through monitoring. The team members also provide answers to queries posted on the website or the social networking sites regarding either the nomination or the election process in general. Citizens who are interested to contest in the Majlis Ash’shura elections may submit their nomination through the election website. They are also required to submit the supportive documents. The ministry also said that any application submitted after the deadline or at sites other than the elections website will not be entertained. — ONA