Intensive measures in place to limit Covid-19 risk

Muscat: The Sultanate reported 128 new COVID-19 cases on Monday — the highest in a single day – taking the total number of patients to 727. To tackle the rising cases, the Ministry of Health has decided to open two more testing centres and deploy additional volunteers to bring more people for screening in the Wilayat of Muttrah.

“We have an extensive network of people and systems at all our four testing centres which are doing excellent job by screening hundreds of people,” Dr Azim al Manji, Head of Communicable Diseases Surveillance Department at the MoH, told the Observer.

Any citizen or expatriate with COVID-19 symptoms can walk into any of the four testing centres, which offer free screening with or without ID proof.

“Residence card is not a must for anyone who walks into our centres as we don’t want to deny medical assistance to any undocumented individuals in the country,” he said.

“Once the swabs are taken, it will be sent to the Central Lab in Bausher for examination. Those who have tested for COVID-19 must stay in an isolated room with an attached bathroom. This is to limit the spread of virus just in case if they the result is positive,” said Abdulla Ali al Sharji from the Communicable Diseases at Ports Department.

A total of 124 patients have been recovered from infection till date. Muscat continues to top the COVID-19 list with 490 cases and four deaths, followed by Al Dhakilyah with 34 cases, South Batinah 27 , Musandam 3 , Al Dhahirah 3 , South Al Sharqiyah 3, North Al Sharqiyah 4 , Buraimi 2 , North Batinah 22  and Dhofar 8.