Install surveillance systems to thwart break-ins

Zainab al Nassri –
MUSCAT, April 26 –
The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged homeowners to secure their dwellings against potential break-ins, notably by investing in modern safety alarms and surveillance systems.
The advisory comes in the wake of the arrest of a woman who had allegedly broken into two houses in Samayil in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate and stolen an unspecified quantity of jewellery and cash. According to the Criminal Investigation Department, the suspect had targeted the two homes when the occupants were away. She was eventually arrested, and is presently awaiting trial in a criminal court, the ROP said in a statement.
The burglaries have once again highlighted the important role that CCTV-based surveillance systems can play, not only in deterring would-be robbers from targeting homes that feature such devices, but crucially also in helping authorities track down the culprits involved in break-ins. Most robberies and thefts tend to involve homes and establishments that lack anti-burglar alarm systems, studies have pointed out. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs issued a circular requiring new mosques across Oman to incorporate suitable security system in the design of the structures. The circular detailed the kind of security provisions that must be included during the design and construction of mosques, with guidelines for consultants, vendors and other service providers on the technical specifications of the security systems recommended for installation on the premises.
It mooted, for example, the inclusion of a dedicated room for hosting servers and monitors linked to the security and surveillance systems installed across the premises.
Furthermore, the circular underlined the need for CCTV cameras to be installed at all vantage locations, notably the entry and exit points for vehicles, car park areas, main entrance, and other key points around the premises.
CCTV systems are now a ubiquitous fixture in malls, shopping establishments, supermarkets, offices, hotels and other public facilities in Muscat and elsewhere around the Sultanate. They not only provide assurance of security and safety to businesses and personnel operating in these facilities, but also to visitors and customers who patronise these establishments.