‘Innovation Camp’ workshop in Nizwa

By Amal Al Riyami — NIZWA: Feb 26 – A workshop titled ‘Innovation Camp’ was organised by the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Nizwa on Tuesday. The workshop was organised in cooperation with Injaz Oman and supported by National Youth Commission. Azzan al Busaidi, a member of Injaz Oman, conducted the workshop which aimed at introducing students to entrepreneurship and encouraging them to start business ventures. Al Busaidi began the workshop with a series of questions and exercises on entrepreneurship, including the query, “How do you see yourself in 2020?”
While clarifying the difference between a wish and a goal, he described entrepreneurship as a “career choice for the future”. He urged students to develop entrepreneurial skills, establish their own companies and develop effective and entrepreneurial skills. He also spoke about the barriers that might hamper the progress of entrepreneurship. Al Busaidi concluded the workshop by narrating his entrepreneurial experience through his participation in Sharikati ‘my company’ programme from Injaz Oman.