Injazatuna to announce the winners of fifth edition on May 2

MUSCAT, April 29 – The committee for Injazatuna award for achievement and youth excellence, instituted by the Ministry of Sports Affairs, completed the evaluation for different applications that the committee received during the competition time. The committee will announce the winners of the fifth edition at a press conference that take place at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on May 2. As many as 55 applications were received by the committee from different sports associations, committees, different civil and volunteering organisations.

There are different purposes for the Injazatuna awards. It is to highlight the most important achievements of the youth. Also, encouraging young people to excel in various fields of sports and youth. There are three categories in the sports section for Injazatuna award like achievement category and sports excellence (individual and teams). Also, there are awards including some scientific, innovations, art, drawing, photography, theatre, social fields, poetry, story etc. ‘Injazatuna’ programme is one of the programme that is run by Ministry of Sports Affairs. This is the fifth edition of programme.