Infrastructure in place to support tourist inflows in Duqm

Wilayat of Duqm holds much promises as a tourism destination. This is why stakeholders are vying to set up hotel establishments and tourism facilities here to strengthen the local economy. Duqm’s natural and marine attractions are also drawing growing numbers of tourists to this interesting corner of Oman.

Wilayat of Duqm, located in Al Wusta Governorate, is drawing visitors to its 18-kilometre-long shoreline. This vast strip can accommodate major tourism establishments and facilities for suitable areas have been designated all along the coast. A comprehensive tourism development plan allows for all kinds of tourism investment to be accommodated along this coastal strip.
Already, there are a number of hotel establishments of different classifications operating in Duqm. There are three and four star hotels, as well as resorts, hotel apartments and rest houses. Among the hotels of international brands in Duqm is Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is a 4-star hotel overlooking the Arabian Sea. It has approximately 213 rooms and 16 suites.
There is also the Park Inn Hotel, featuring a cluster of upscale 4-star chalets located close to the beach. The resort offers 73 residential units comprising 50 one-room chalets, 8 two-bedroom villas, 13 single bedrooms, two two-bedroom hotel apartments each.

In Duqm town is the City Hotel, a 3-star property with 118 rooms located near the centre of the wilayat, and in the proximity of residential complexes and shopping malls. Apart from this, there are a number of hotel projects under construction.
In summer, the Duqm area is blessed with relatively pleasant winds sweeping in from the Indian Ocean. Together with Duqm’s modern road infrastructure and air connectivity, Duqm beckons business and tourist visitors.
According to Nasir bin Marhoon al Abdali, Director of Tourism in Al Wusta Governorate, the Ministry of Tourism is making huge efforts to develop tourism in Duqm. The ministry has designated certain sites as tourist attractions and offers others for investment. The Rock Garden in Duqm has been designated a geo park.
“The role being played by the ministry is well-known,” said Al Abdali. “Wilayat of Duqm is drawing more attention due to several factors, including its appeal as a tourist attraction as well a Special Economic Zone. This is why there is an importance to intensify promotion and marketing of the tourism potential of the wilayat.” “The Ministry of Tourism is keen to coordinate with all concerned authorities for providing the appropriate services to tourists. These services include cleaning the tourist sites and making consumer goods continuously available. There should not be any dearth of these things particularly during national and religious festivals. The ministry is also putting up sign boards to indicate the tourist destinations of the wilayat.” There are diverse types of the sites of tourist attractions in Duqm. The wilayat is known for the beauty of its beaches at Ras Madraka, Ras Markaz beach, Wadi Zarf, Hitham and Dithab. Nufoon and a number of natural creeks attract migratory birds as well. There are also a number of caves, sand dunes, wadis and springs, which attract tourists.
The rock garden – which covers an estimated distance of 3 square kilometres – is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Duqm. Tourists enjoy the variety of rocks and beautiful geological formations made by surface water more than 46 million years back, according to scientists.