‘Infinity Time’ from Turkish art

The exhibition aims to achieve a common intellectual ground for the viewer and the art works.

By Mai al Abria –

Bait al Zubair, a cultural Omani foundation and Museum, hosted last Wednesday an exhibition named “Infinity Time” from the collection of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. The exhibition was opened jointly by Murat Uysal, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey, Atılay Ersan, Turkish Ambassador to Oman, and Dr Mohammed Al Shahi, General-Manager of Bait Al Zubair Foundation.
The ‘Infinity Time’ exhibition of thirty pieces selected from the Central Bank’s art collection comprises calligraphy, marbling, miniatures and contemporary art.
Displaying examples of traditional arts such as calligraphy and marbling as well as examples of contemporary Turkish arts, it embraces a concept beyond a traditional exhibition. What it aims to achieve is not merely a glittering show of works of art promoted by dazzling advertising and other means; instead, it offers a common intellectual ground for the viewer and the works of art. The relationship between the traditional and the contemporary is crucial to this exhibition.
The exhibition is based on innovation, beauty, the ancient and historic memory, and it points to the continuity and eternal nature of the aura contained between the phenomenon of perception and the viewer. This experience also reveals the development of Turkish art and the dynamic nature of traditional arts.
The exhibition presents art works from a large number of artists, including Adnan Çoker, who focuses on absolute balances through an exploration of Islamic architecture, and the inimitable skill of Alparslan Babaoğlu that creates infinite harmony in calligraphy and marbling, to name but a few. Other artists are Omar Uluc, Mustafa Ata, Mustafa Pilevneli, Canan Tolon, Erigin Inan, Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, Turgut Atalay, Salih Balakbabalar, Nusret Colpan, Burhan uygur, Suleman Saim Tekcan, Nuri Abac, Nrjad Melih Devrim, Erol Akyavas, Mubin Orhon, Burhan Dogancay, and Devrim Erbil.
‘Infinity Time’ will be on display from the 7 December until 7 February 2017 between 9.30am and 6pm, from Saturday to Thursday at Bait Al Nahdhah at Bait Al Zubair.