Infection among goats reported from Dhank farm

MUSCAT: A new case of brucellosis infection among goats has been reported from one of the farms in Dhank. A sample of the goat’s blood was taken for testing after the competent authorities contacted the farm’s owner.
As part of taking precautions, other animals at the same farm have been diagnosed to ensure their safety.
Brucella is an infectious disease caused by a type of bacteria called brucella. The bacteria can spread from animals to humans.
There are several different strains of brucella bacteria. Some of the types are seen in cows, dogs, pigs, sheep, goats and camels.
The disease can be transmitted via direct contact with the infected animals by brucella, taking into consideration that as it is mainly an occupational disease that infects farmers, slaughterhouse workers and veterinarians.
Brucella can also be acquired from uncooked raw milk, cheese and dairy products.