Industries in Salalah ready to face Luban

SALALAH, Oct 9 – The business establishments in Salalah seem to have learnt big lesson from the previous tropical cyclone Mekunu as they do not want to take any chance when Cyclone Luban is likely to knock Salalah on Thursday or Friday. All sorts of establishments in Salalah have started taking precautions in terms of safety of their buildings, facilities and equipment. Necessary advisories are being given to the staff members to maintain back-up files from their computers and keep disconnected their equipment from power to avoid any damage to hardware or software.
Mohammed bin Aufit al Mashani, General Manager Corporate Affairs, Port of Salalah, confirmed that the port has arranged an emergency plan to meet with the situation soon after getting reports of likely adverse weather conditions.
The port, according to him, is assessing the situation and informing all non-essential personnel and vessels to be ready to vacate the port before the storm hits, based on the development and weather forecast.
“In fact, we started working on the emergency plan two days before to ensure safety to the port, its equipment and customers’ facilities. We are meeting on daily basis and are in touch with all other agencies responsible for the safety and security of the establishment,” said Al Mashani.
The PoS Corporate Affairs GM also confirmed that the port already has an emergency committee to look into any situation arising out the cyclone.
Thomas Vakkachen, General Manager of Salalah International Plastic Industries, said the company has taken precautions in terms of sealing the possible points from where water is likely to enter into the factory premises based in Raysut Industrial Estate.
“We have placed sand bags at all possible positions and fixed the shutters to avoid any water entering into the premises,” he said.
Wael Abdalla, General Manager of Carmeuse Majan, said necessary steps have been taken to remove all possible obstacles that can cause water-logging. “Arrangements have also been done to cover finished products in case of rain, but the decision for closing the windows has not yet been taken. That decision would depend on the latest situation.”
Abdalla admitted that due to the best possible precautions, the damage at the Carmeuse Majan was minimal during the tropical cyclone Mekunu, which had hit Salalah on May 25.
Baldeo Mahto, Group General Manager of Industrial Packing International and Oman Industrial Investment Company,
said: “As a precautionary measure, brickwork has been planned to avoid water entry into the factory and tarpaulin sheets have been put on the top floor to avoid any leakage from the ceiling.
“Depending on the situation, we would take decision whether the workers would have to come on work or not on the affected days,” he said.

Kaushalendra Singh