In a Swiss town, stuffed frogs enjoy human activities

Six stuffed frogs sit around a table with a bowl of food. Another is positioned holding the reins on the back of a squirrel. Welcome to the unique world of Switzerland’s Frog Museum. The museum in the small town Estavayer-le-Lac in the west of the country has arranged 108 stuffed frogs in different poses: writing behind desks, playing cards or enjoying a game of pool. The frogs were created between 1848 and 1860 by Francois Perrier, a Napoleonic officer who wanted to document the daily life of humans at the time, according to the local tourism office. They are on display in one room of the Estavayer-le-Lac Museum, a 15th century stately home, and the amphibians are so popular with tourists and locals that it’s become known as the Frog Museum. — Reuters