IMC Apollo Sugar Clinic conducts exclusive session on diabetes management

MUSCAT: On the event of World Diabetes Day, International Medical Centre (IMC), Apollo Sugar Clinic in association with Vyaniti Yoga Studio conducted an exclusive session on diabetes management through yoga and basic lifestyle changes.
The programme was well organised creating a fine balance between the clinical aspects and yoga asanas for diabetes control and was attended by yoga enthusiasts participating from all walks of life in the presence of distinguished diabetologist, medical practitioners and yoga experts.
A recent survey indicated that lifestyle diseases are one of the major concerns for the society. With the drastic challenges in our day to day life, it is not shocking that worldwide 425 million people suffer from diabetes and the number is ever increasing with each passing day. It is estimated that by 2045 the number would exceed to 629 million which is even higher than the population of USA.
As per Oman 2014 National Registry, 7,000 new diabetic cases are reported every year (only govt institutions). National prevalence of diabetes is up by 12.3 per cent whereas 33 per cent are pre-diabetic. Muscat has the highest prevalence of diabetes.
Diabetes not only increases the health risks of multiple disorders like stroke, cardiovascular and renal failure, in the system but also compromises and restricts the quality of life severely, if not addressed on time.
IMC Sugar Clinic being the pioneer and specialised centre for diabetes care in Muscat, has successfully treated over 100,000 patients till date including both citizens and residents and this programme was an initiative towards creating awareness which not only helped to focus on the early detection and education of diabetes but also highlighted the importance of proper treatment and prevention of the disease through simple lifestyle techniques like yoga asanas.