Hubta programme launched, registrations close on Dec 26

By Mai Al Abria — MUSCAT: Dec 21: The Hubta programme, which helps the youth translate their ideas into reality, was launched by the National Youth Committee (NYC), in cooperation with Al Rudha Co. The programme, which aids the youth in collaboration with investors, aims at “spreading the culture of mini investments” in Oman. NYC offers membership in Al Rudha for those with ideas or projects.
In a traditional sense, Hubta is an activity held before Eid, in which vendors from across the country sell livestock, traditional clothes, accessories, toys and other traditional goods.
Similarly, Hubta programme is an activity that brings together both youth entrepreneurs and investors with the aim of helping the former develop their ideas/ projects.
Al Rudha allow investors to adopt projects. An investor will have a stake in the company or a position on the board of directors of the company. Sometimes, an investor would be provided a product or service free of cost.
Participants of the Hubta programme should meet some conditions, including visualising an idea or project and business model.
They should analyse the effectiveness of a proposed business model (economic feasibility, appropriate market, timing).
Fatma Sultan, Deputy CEO of Al Rudha, tweeted that the idea of the traditional Hubta is extremely simple. “We have focused on this element at the Hubta programme.
“Through this event, participants will get finance for the project, while investors will be in contact with participants for three months, and supervising and reviewing its progress.”
Registrations for the programme will continue until December 26.
The event will take place on December 28 at 7 pm at Al Rudha headquarters at Athaiba. Participants can register on NYC website.