How to bond with your husband


Besides advocating for women’s rights and their entitlements and the way she fights against gender discrimination, the mother of junior also acts as a coach for her fellow wives.
Her objective is to let them lead a happy life. She promotes that being happy means maintaining an overall positive feeling of the bond between a woman and her husband.
Last week, when she gathered all women in the neighborhood, I overheard her giving them all the tips on how to bond with their husbands. She began her talk by stating that, “Your men will run away from you if you don’t work hard in bonding with them”.
On this day, the mother of junior had called all her fellow wives in the neighbourhood to a meeting to educate them on her new strategy of ‘how to bond with your husband’.
One of the many things that make me proud in life is watching the mother of junior standing in front of other women addressing them. I don’t know how she manages to gain all the confidence but she leaves me astonished while I compare her vigor, energy and determination to that of Oprah Winfrey.
She makes straightforward speeches that motivate and inspire her audience. She employs her ability to communicate her strategy with clarity and simplicity which leads to her listeners to see the future in a positive light and thus inspire them to pull together for a particular cause. I am certain she, too can operate her own TV talk show.
‘You need to create an environment where your husband will be motivated to let him confess his innermost thoughts, doubts, and fears’. She said adding that this will create a situation where he will be able to share vital information about him that you don’t have but need to know in order to really bond with him.
“My fellow women all you need to do is insinuate yourselves so much so that your man can’t find it difficult to recognise what a fine wife you are. In your endeavor to bond with him, never mention any word of losing weight; because this might turn into a world war 3. Instead suggest health activities such as jogging, gym, and even healthy eating.”
Having one or two children is not enough. “Make sure you have a house full of children.” She told them and continued to explain that without many children there is not enough to hold you together. Men can only commit very well if parent-hood thrust is upon them. “Use babies as baits to hook your man.”
Soccer is one thing that you cannot separate a man with. Almost all of them have that excess zeal of watching almost every match. Do not complain about it. The remedy is to try and accompany him for soccer matches and sometimes complement his favourite team. If you do this; sooner rather than later he will also want to share in what you like. The result is; he will cut down his soccer schedules in order to give you quality time.
Also, you should try and invite him to the kitchen and let him help in making dishes like biriyani, chapatis and samosas that taste so delicious. Here, the idea is to lure him to cooking so that he can experiment with it and try out different stuff with you and get closer to you.
A woman’s place is by her man. You should also make time to play games together. This is a good way to reconnect, especially if you play against each other – you connect, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Follow these instructions and you will be able to easily domesticate your husbands. She told her audience as she concluded her talk.
Such is the kind of determination and commitment possessed by the mother of junior to her fellow women. Her aim is building relationships by improving their wellness. She is calling upon them to come forward and associate themselves with these “simple and yet effective” techniques that will allow them to enjoy a good relationship and be in a position to match forward for their development and advancement.