How resourceful are we when busy?

Almost every day and quite often we leave ourselves under the care of a routine schedule making us busy. These ‘busy haloes’ circle the daily irksome path. When questioned — “How was the day,” the answer remains the same as we all expect it to be. Blame it to be excused as ‘Busy’, so as you please. It is a poised and a gentle reminder of busyness almost every working day. But is the term ‘busy’ only meant to follow hectic routine? Are those free enough who grab time and head out to a desired travel destination, or visit a good old friend?
Outside our working schedule aren’t we engrossed with hoard of goals to achieve? Different job roles face different personalities; all set to attain a desired goal veiled under a busy term. But how do we elect a busy one? Is it the job role they play or the maturity they daily add up to before retiring to bed, decides on how busy they can be?
A stunning locale, an old sleepy hamlet — Misfat al Abryeen, a man seen settling down his guests. As the visitors thronged, his scheduled interview to me got delayed. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I do go through this ‘busyness’ every weekend,” was the only humble cause referred. His words justified! Dealing with guests coming to stay at his resort does surely add up to his business, making his day successful and attaining his goal to mark it as tourists friendly. Then was his turn to provide to me an insight of Oman’s old village. A bonus in his busy routine, isn’t it?
But when compared to a businessman where would a friend of mine be evaluated on the rating chart of ‘busyness’? A homemaker as she unpretentiously mentions herself is presumed rather flexible on her timing terms. But, is she really flexible? As she enjoys her lush early retirement from banking profession, her children all settled on a perfect career path, her cosy home throws a light on the matured thoughts gained from the household chores. Even a break in-between her career span demonstrated how busy she must have been while enjoying the attention of her loved ones. “It was a chaos then, that lingered whole day, but I enjoyed every bit of it. A feeling of happiness and accomplishment waved around every day. Those goals now successfully achieved, but beckoning are few more in the row.” Setting a routine at home, rearing up kids, helping them raise the ladder of success and going through ups and downs, too need to be accomplished by an organisation that we call ‘Home,’ and without a strong management it too can go topsy-turvy. A food blogger now, she still cherishes these nitty-gritties. She isn’t on a holidaying mood, is she?
A traveller’s quest categorically termed vacation isn’t a time-out either. Ask a tourist and he might not reply back saying “I am busy,” but try moving him out of his itinerary, he is certain to feel unfulfilled. A busy feeling of nirvana comes to him as he blends with nature, food and tradition of the place. Chasing one location to the other keeps him occupied and make him a proficient traveller. A traveller is always wider in his knowledge of places across the borders.
Apparently, there lies no harm in selecting out the day’s schedule and naming it a busy one, consequently heading ahead while demanding daily objectives. But what truly affects is the inherent meaning of a word that’s slayed crudely. No offence meant to who say “I am/was busy”, but again the true meaning of the word lies in attainments of those ends than the labour lost amidst the calendar.
So, when are we actually free? It is not the question we need to ponder on, rather, how versatile are we while venturing into ‘being busy’ does really matter.

Swati Basu Das