‘Hot Potato’ to be staged tonight

Muscat, April 16 –
It is Saturday afternoon, but the Theatre Hall at College of Arts and Social Sciences is filled with energy as the actors prepare to face the audience on April 17 with the latest production from Youthinkers, called ‘Hot Potato’.
The play in English, written by Abdullah Alawi and directed by Osama al Farsi, both former students of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), has former students and current students of the university taking part.
The interesting aspect of the play is it is not based in any particular country, but is linked in a way to the Victorian era.
Both the writer and director have their own careers today but continue to be part of the English Translation Society of SQU. Together with actor Mazen al Kharousi, they formed the Youthinkers. This has enabled them to create events for the youth.
“I had the idea for the play, but the question was whether I should link it to an era or a country. We decided it should not belong to anywhere. Although we chose the Victorian era, it does not belong exactly there either. Once the third draft was done, we brought the team together,” said Alawi.
Actor Mazen al Kharousi says theatre is a challenge but a big opportunity that everyone can use to improve themselves and sharpen their skills. One of the prominent characters is being played by Hanan al Muscati. “It was not difficult for me because I relate to the character quite a bit,” said Al Muscati laughingly.
There is a message and that is conveyed with a sense of humour. It hints at how when people get an opportunity to be an influencer in society by being in a position, they too become how their predecessor was.
“It has been a wonderful journey. I cannot wait to be on stage and shine,” said Naseeb al Saadi. “I have been away from acting for a year so this is an honour and important moment for me,” added Ahmed al Majerafi.
“We are excited because we are doing new things. I have played funny and evil characters. I have been a joker, a merchant and in this play I am playing another character. Although it is very difficult to balance between personal life, work and theatre acting, but it is great to go on,” explained Ibrahim al Azeri.
For Hind al Harrasi, it is the first time to be in a play and she is in her final year at the College of Arts. Adil Muttahid is also acting for the first time. “It is the first time for me, but this is the beginning of a journey.”
For Aseela Naji, this is the second play in which she is working with the team. “It is quite difficult because we have to create a new face for the characters.”
Child actors Ahmed and Abdullah are making their debut appearances with ‘Hot Potato’. “I do not act very well but now I am getting better,” said Ahmed.

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