Hong Kong leader scraps extradition law

HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s leader on Wednesday bowed to a key demand of protesters following three months of unrest, announcing the withdrawal of a loathed extradition bill, but activists vowed to press on with their campaign.
After refusing for months to scrap the bill, which aimed to allow extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China, Chief Executive Carrie Lam finally conceded as she called for calm and an end to violent protests.
“The government will formally withdraw the bill in order to fully allay public concerns,” she said.
Initial reports in the local media flagging Lam’s announcement raised hopes that giving in to the extradition demand could help end the crisis. Hong Kong’s stock market climbed nearly four per cent in afternoon trade after the reports emerged.
But those hopes were quickly tempered, with activists voicing anger and determination to press on with their broader democracy campaign.
“Too little, too late,” prominent activist Joshua Wong said on Twitter.
Speaking later in Taipei, he said the protests would continue. SEE ALSO P7